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​​Health Information
1. You Will Receive A Health Record For Your New Pup 
        At 6 weeks old our pups receive their vaccinations and are thoroughly examined by our veterinarian. There are two(2) other

​​        recommended set of shots that should be given, at the age of 12 weeks and then again at 16 weeks of age.

​​        Please consult with your own veterinarian regarding the timing of the 2nd & 3rd vaccinations. Vaccinations are dependent

        ​​on the risk ​​factor(s) for your pup at their new home.

The buyer is also advised not to take their puppy into public places or allow the puppy to socialize with other dogs that

​​may be not vaccinated 
until its immunizations are complete.

    A.        Vaccinations - Given at 8 weeks by our veterinarian  
  •  Canine Distemper
  •  Canine Influenza
  •  Canine Parvovirus
  • B.        Deworming - Given at 3, 5 &  7 weeks of age.  

2. SEARK German Shepherd's Health Information

    ​Your new puppy/dog must be taken to a licensed veterinarian at the buyer's expense within 72 hours of taking ownership of

    ​​your new ​​pup/adult for a check-up. If your puppy is found to be ill by your veterinarian a replacement puppy will be

    ​​offered. Within 2 business days of a vet's certification of illness, or death, the buyer must notify the seller in writing.

    ​​All additional expense associated with a replacement puppy such as a pet carrier and shipping will be paid by the buyer. 

    The limit of our monetary exposure in a replacement puppy case will be limited to the purchase price of the puppy/dog.

    If a new owner fails to take their new puppy to a vet of their choice within 72 hours of taking ownership this will render

    ​a replacement puppy warranty null and void. At NO time under these circumstances will a total refund, partial refund

    or replacement puppy be offered. 


    ​​Hips & Elbows:

    ​Recent information gathered through research about hip dysplasia has caused us to reconsider our hip/elbow guarantee.

    ​Research by the SV concluded that ~70%-75% of hip dysplasia can be attributed to a number of environmental conditions.

    ​​That means genetics are responsible for ~25% of the conditions that contribute to the disease.

    Environmental conditions that can influence hip dysplasia can include but are not limited to: a dog/puppy being overweight,

    ​​type of food/diet, excessive or inadequate exercise, exposure to extreme cold, being crated or penned up extensively.

    Since these environmental conditions will be beyond our control once the puppy leaves our home/kennel, we regrettably

    ​​cannot guarantee ​​or warranty hips and elbows any longer.

3. SEARK German Shepherd's Temperament/Socialization

    We do not guarantee against any environmental temperament problems.  

    Environmental referring to abuse, neglect, teasing, failing to socialize or failing to train the dog properly.  

    ​​We strongly suggest the buyer to take their new pup to obedience classes to learn proper handling techniques.

    ​​If you are unable to find a trainer please contact us.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or problems that arise during your pet's lifetime.  We would also appreciate your

    updates(plus pictures) as this helps us to make informed decisions with our breeding program. 

    If for any reason you are unable to keep the dog/puppy at any point in its lifetime, we request having the option of taking back the

    ​​dog/puppy or helping to find another suitable home. We would never want to see a dog/puppy end up in a shelter.

    There is neither written guarantee nor implied guarantee by SEARK German Shepherds that any puppy/dog

    ​​will be show or breeding quality. Teeth and/or full bite, testicles, hip/elbows, ears and temperament

    ​​are not guaranteed.​​​


4​​. You will receive AKC registration papers with your new pup if both parents are AKC Registered. If the pup or adult is a German import the typical waiting period for AKC papers can be up to 6 months.

Thank You
Bobby & Terri Webb

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