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GSD Facts & Terminology
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The GSD is a fairly recent breed in the overall history of dogs, having been developed almost entirely in the 1900s. Captain Max von Stephanitz is the Father of the GSD.

The German Shepherd, according to litter and individual dog registrations, is one of the most popular and numerous breeds of dog in the world.

 Horand von Grafrath was the first GSD to be registered.

The GSD was the first breed to be trained as a working guide dog. Buddy, becomes the first Seeing Eye dog in 1928

The German Shepherd is suitable for many different jobs: schutzhund, herding, police work, guiding the visually impaired, search and rescue, drug and bomb detection and tracking to name a few.

First German Shepherd believed to have set paw upon North American shores - 1906.

 The first German Shepherd Dog exhibited in America - 1907.

The first German Shepherd registered with the AKC - 1908.

German Shepherd Dogs served throughout WWI and WWII.

 In England, the name of the GSD breed was changed to the Alsatian - 1917.

Other Names For German Shepherd Dogs
Berger Allemand
Deutscher Schäferhund

Country Of Origin

Weight Male 30–40 kilograms (66–88 lb)
Female 22–32 kilograms (49–71 lb)
Height Male 60–65 centimetres (24–26 in)
Female 55–60 centimetres (22–24 in)

The Sieger show held in Germany each year is the largest show held for any dog breed in the world

SV Working/Performance Titles

Angekoert - Breed Surveyed (recommended for breeding)

Koerklasse 1 - (Kkl 1) Especially recommended for breeding

Koerklasse 2 - (Kkl 2) Suitable for breeding. Dog may have a structural or protection work fault which could be compensated for by bloodlines or working qualities. May be resurveyed and reclassified at a later date.

(*) This symbol before a dog's name means it has been surveyed and approved for breeding.

LG - Landesgruppen (Regional) Show.   There are approximately 1500 German Shepherd Dog clubs in Germany and these are under the jurisdiction of the 15 Landesgruppen clubs. The LG Shows are larger than the local shows and the judging and rating requirements are stricter. Landesgruppen Sieger and Siegerin titles are awarded.

VA - (Vorzüglich Auslese) Excellent Select title that is only awarded at the Annual Sieger Show Select Class.

V - (Vorzüglich)   Excellent

SG - (Sehr Gut) Very Good

G - (Gut)  Good

A - (Ausreichend) Sufficient

M - (Mangelhaft)  Faulty

O - (Zero)  Failed

U - Unsatisfactory

CACIB - a European International Champion

SchH/IPO (Schutzhund)  For dogs who have passed the examinations for obedience protection, and tracking.
The titles 1, 2, and 3 denote how advanced the training
tests were.
Dog must have at least a SchH1/IPO1
to be Breed Surveyed.

AD (Ausdauerpruefung)  The dogs passed an endurance test by gaiting approximately six miles per hour for about nine miles with a ten-minute rest halfway, and a simple Obedience Test at the end. The dog is given a simple physical examination after the test. A requirement for the Breed Survey.

HGH (Herdengebrauchshund)  Herding Dog
PH (Polizei Hund) Police Dog
FH (Fährten Hund)  Tracking Dog

SV Hip/Elbow Certification - Required for Breed Survey

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Coat
The SV breed standard states the following: "The normal (stock) coated German Shepherd Dog should carry a thick undercoat and the outer coat should be as dense as possible, made up of straight hard close lying hairs.

Acceptable German Shepherd Dog Color
Patterns may include any of the following: black & tan, black & red, black & cream, solid black , solid white (considered a conformation disqualification), sable (also called agouti or wolf gray, in various colorations), black & silver, liver (rare - conformation fault) and blue (rare - considered a conformation fault).

German Commands
Achtung - Watch
Aus - Let Go
Bei Fuss - Heel
Bleib - Stay
Bleib sitzen - Stay sitting
Bringen - Fetch
Fass - Attack
Geh weiter - Go on
Gib Laut - Speak
Halten - Halt
Hopp - Jump
Komm - Come
Kriech - Crawl
Nein -  No
Nimm - Take it
Pass auf - Watch out
Platz - Down
Setz - Sit
Such - Search
Voraus - Go out
Zur Spur - Trail
Zur Wache - Guard

OFA FCI (European) BVA (UK/Australia) SV (Germany)
Excellent A-1 0-4 (no > 3/hip) Normal
Good A-2 5-10 (no > 6/hip) Normal
Fair B-1 11-18 Normal
Borderline B-2 19-25 Fast Normal
Mild C 26-35 Noch Zugelassen
Moderate D 36-50 Mittlere
Severe E 51-106 Schwere